Co-Founder Wanted: B2B Campus

B2B Campus is where businesses connect with each other and communicate on a range of topics including buying, selling and operations. For businesses it means no more missed opportunities.

B2B marketers have tried to capture the benefits of social networks in the same way that B2C marketers have done and have generally been underwhelmed. B2B Campus attempts to meet this need by combining elements of social networking with the quality and access controls that businesses require. The platform is currently in limited beta and we are seeking a co-founder to take it forward.

About the opportunity

  • Highly scalable
  • Global, cross-industry
  • Designed for maximum virality
  • Solid foundation in place including beta platform
  • A sound business plan and clear path to revenue

The ideal co-founder has

  • Startup experience
  • Strong front-end design and development skills
  • Some back-end development skills
  • Experience in a b2b industry (excl. technology)
  • An interest in business strategy and big-data
  • Time to become fully immersed

If this sounds interesting to you, please check out the site, give some thought to how Guy Kawasaki would pick a co-founder, then get it touch.